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Alice & Alicia Crowe

Meet Identical twin lawyers, Alice Crowe-Bell and Alicia Crowe, co-owners of Emmaline’s Specialty, Inc. The twins are both attorneys with more than 25 years as practicing attorneys in their own law firm. Both Howard Law grads who have counseled and advised small businesses, organizations, artists, and creatives.


Book Alice & Alicia Crowe, the Crowe Sisters, to captivate your audience with engaging interviews, compelling podcasts, and inspiring speeches.  Discover the enthralling world of being twins as the Crowe Sisters share their captivating personal experiences. Uncover twins' diverse challenges and remarkable triumphs, shedding light on their fascinating perspectives and extraordinary
bond. Step into the sizzling world of hot sauce as the Crowe Sisters discuss their journey bottling their grandmother's timeless recipe. Prepare to tantalize your
taste buds and ignite your audience's passion for culinary excellence.

Embrace the captivating story of the Crowe Sisters, dedicated to preserving their family's legacy. Witness the unwavering determination and passion fueling their efforts as they inspire audiences of all backgrounds to honor and cherish their heritage. Whether you're seeking an inspiring keynote speech, an engaging
interview, or a captivating podcast guest, the Crowe Sisters are poised to deliver a memorable experience that will leave your audience informed,
entertained, and longing for more.

So, don't miss this incredible opportunity to book the Crowe Sisters, who will enchant your audience with their story of being twins, their journey into the
world of hot sauce, and their extraordinary commitment to keeping their family's legacy alive. Contact us today to secure your event date and give your
guests an unforgettable experience.