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Our Story

Whole Foods Market Local Hero Award 2007
    Gwendolyn Crowe &
her twin daughters


At Emmaline's All Natural Hot Sauce we aim to bring you incredible joy, heat with flavor, and an amazing artisanal hot sauce made with simple homespun goodness. Our sauces bond friends, family, and loved ones. Bring a bottle to your next meal. We donate a portion of proceeds to charity.

Simple Home-spun Goodness is something our grandmother served in her in-laws restaurant on Claxton Street in Elba Alabama.


Emmaline Humphries was our grandmother. She was born in 1893 in Columbia Alabama. She was an honest all-natural woman with old-fashioned good looks. Her hair was all-natural; her clothes were handmade and all natural. In 1910, she got married. This is her wedding photo on the bottle of Emmaline’s All-Natural hot sauce. Ms. Emma worked in her mother-in-law Pauline Stinson’s restaurant on Claxton Street in Elba, Alabama. The restaurant served the Elba County jail, jurors, visitors to Courthouse Square, and Elba's "colored" residents at the Emancipation Day Celebration on May 28, 1923. When the Pea River flooded and engulfed Elba, Ms. Emma cooked food to help flood victims.

Elba Court House


By 1940, Emmaline, was the mother of 12 children. She and her family left Elba and moved to Dothan Alabama. Ms. Emma” ran a successful catering business providing wholesome meals for social gatherings in Dothan, Alabama. By 1945 she left the south during the Great Migration north, and settled in Hartford, Connecticut. We named our all-natural hot sauce in her honor. Made with love and home-spun goodness.

Our mother taught my twin sister and I how to make our grandmothers sauces when we were 9 years old. Our grandmother used to cook up a batch of sauce to enhance meats, fish, poultry, and even vegetables. For four generations, Ms. Emma’s sauces have added zest and flavor to our family meals. Our all-natural sauce uses natural herbs and spices that you can see, feel, smell and taste. Made with fresh peppers and simple home-spun goodness. 

Today, we still make our sauce like our grandmother, Ms. Emma. Emmaline's All Natural Hot Sauce is her legacy. We use the same care, love, and attention to make an incredible tasting hot sauce. Now you can share the joy by bringing a bottle of Emmaline’s All-Natural Hot Sauce to your next meal.

  • 100% Fresh Ingredients: No fillers or congealers, we use fresh peppers in our sauce.
  • 100% Naturally GLUTEN FREE
  • Down Home Flavor without the Downside: We make a wholesome good old-fashioned sauce that has heat with flavor.
  • No Chemical Colorings or Artificial Flavoring: Our all-natural sauce uses natural herbs and spices that you can see, feel, smell and taste.