Emmaline's All Natural Original Hot Sauce - Not Available

Emmaline's All Natural Original Hot Sauce - Not Available

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"If you love good home-style cooking, then you know you've got to have this sauce."

We make our hot sauce the traditional way with fresh peppers, herbs, spices and simple-homespun goodness just like our grandmother, Emmaline. Thick, rich, smooth well seasoned peppery flavor that leaves just enough kick on your tongue to spark your joy!

Can be used as an all purpose seasoning. Great in soups, sandwiches, and marinades, Bloody Marys, greens, eggs, pizza, vegetables, fish, meats, vegan dishes and more...

This sauce has been on our family dinner table for four generations.  Now you can create a down home family experience or, take your cooking to the next level.

Vegan- Friendly    Naturally Gluten-Free   Plant-Based 

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